Cottage Information
"built like a fortress"

Cottage is constructed with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

treated 2" x 4" base (16" on center) covered with 7/16" orentated strand board (OSB).

sturdy 2" x 4" framing (16" on center).

sheathed with 7/16" rugged orentated strand board (OSB).

roofed with sturdy 2" x 4"'s (16" on center).

7/16" rugged orentated strand board (OSB) applied to roof.

30 pound felt tar paper has been applied to roof.
underside of eaves have been sealed with orentated strand board (OSB).
powder coated steel panels are being installed on roof.

double pane high insulation windows installed.
30 pound felt tar paper seals entire cottage.

installing high density siding & trim.

powder coated metal roofing trim installed.
siding, trim, metal security exterior door installed
air conditioning unit & trim installed.

interior W.C. & clothes closet framed.
W.C. door installed.

electric lines & boxes installed

soundproofing & extra thick vapor sealed insulation installed in all walls & ceiling

interior solid wood paneling & electric outlet covers installed

flooring, trim, cabinets & sink installed

trim, cabinets, sink, WC door & hardware installed

woodwork stained & sealed

hardware & security dead bolt installed on front exterior door

trim/woodwork stained & sealed

ready for transport

on-site concrete foundation pad with deep footers

cottage on-site

cottage on-site

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